Can I study online?

The BGA is now offered in a blended format, giving you the flexibility to learn virtually from anywhere in the world, as well as on campus.
This blended program will include virtual and online learning to deliver the insights and tools you need to discover and capitalize on opportunities emerging from blue growth economies. This will be followed by an immersive, intensive and in-site campus experience.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes. Contact your program Advisor by email if you need any specific information to be included.
Payment is due on receipt of the invoice and should be received before the course starts.

Can I get a certificate?

Yes. Your certificate will be available for you upon the completion of the program. The issuer of the certificate is Klaipeda University. The document will describe the content, duration, and recipient.

What does my programme fee include?

The programme fee covers tuition, course materials and coffee breaks for the participants on ,. It does not include travel, accommodation and other incidentals.

How about cancelation?

Submitted applications for will not be liable to the standard cancellation fee. Please note that cancellation of participation (including substitutions/transfers/postponement) must be confirmed in writing (via email).

Are there any language requirements?

Our programme is taught in English and participants should be able to exchange complex views, listen and learn through the medium of English.

Are there any IT requirements?

Elements of our program will be delivered via Zoom platform. Online participants are expected to have equipment that ensures reliable Internet connection, stable video and audio streaming. Participants with reoccurring microphone, video and audio issues may risk to complete the program prematurely.

Are the lectures pre-recorded?

No. The speakers will present in live mode with plenty of opportunities for discussions and questions.

How about time requirements?

It’s important to note that the academy was designed for managers working full-time with busy schedules. The meeting times are set for Easter European Time Zone. Participants from other regions need to make adjustments to their calendars.

We keep it flexible but there is still a minimum commitment for quality learning. Participants should expect to spend about 20 hours per module. There are live Zoom/Teams learning group meetings between the modules.